Every year the HIVE PIZZA community comes together to create a rockin Halloween music album with the spookiest of vibes. It’s an awesome opportunity to showcase some of the musical talent here at HIVE while helping local artists expand their reach and fanbase.

This year we are excited to have expanded the Halloween event to include original Art entries and original spooky short form stories. We received some awesome entires from some very talented people and we are stoked to be able to share them with you today!

Click below to enjoy the submissions, learn more about the artists, and follow their social media! IF you enjoy the vibes, please consider donating to the artists. Every donation received to the @pizza.music account will be dispersed among all those listed in the sections below!




We hope you enjoyed these awesomely wicked contributions!

Consider donating to the contributors! All donations go directly to the artists!

Send any HIVE or HIVE-ENGINE token to @pizza.music

All donations recieved to this account will be divided among the artists who participated!