Acceleration of SUGURI 2


Acceleration of SUGURI 2 is a lightning-paced duel-style shoot’em’up from Orange Juice, featuring all favorite characters from the SUGURI universe.

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Take on all the characters of the SUGURI universe in this lightning-paced duel-style shoot’em’up. Continue the story of the characters you’ve come to know and love, and meet a new mastermind causing havoc on Earth. Play against the AI in Story Mode, or friends and foes online or locally in Multiplayer.

Acceleration of SUGURI 2 is a direct sequel to Sora.

Key Features:
Fast-paced, tactical duel-style bullet hell
Full HD resolution support and beyond
Three game modes: Story, Arcade and Match Mode
Online and Shared Screen Multiplayer with rollback netcode
Over 10 characters from the SUGURI universe to battle with


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