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Current Price:

Bitcoin (BTC)

$ 38,740.00

Hive (HIVE)

$ 0.400575

Hive Dollar (HBD)

$ 1.01

Gourmet Hive Pizza

Certified Transparent

The pizza shop is certified clean and transparent! All numbers public!

Hands on Rewards!

Buy & Hold 20 PIZZA to gain access to the !PIZZA command & reward great content!

Diesel Pools

Under-Construction but make sure and check back soon!

What is $PIZZA?

Staking & Mining & Farms

We’ve been organically growing our BEE fund and building up our WORKERBEE mining force. As such, we having closed the gap on our first goal of 1000 BEE and thus can seriously start the discussion around staking. We have some long term ideas we would like to discuss with the community first, though! Join the Discord and let’s have a conversation!

Utilizing funds sourced from $PIZZA sales we have started building a token mining account to increase the holder rewards pool. Through miners and tokens staked by the hive.pizza account and with miners and tokens delegated or donated by users in the community, we will continue to grow our APR % for holders.

We will heavily invest in farm opportunities across hive such as VFTLabs (we are already mining here) and the potential Hive Side Chain options that come available.

Delegations will be rewarded in time as we develop automation around this.

Burning & Rewards

We truly believe in community growth and as such, we work hard to ensure our mining and curation account is generating tokens for our rewards pool. 

Each day, our bot selects a random winner to receive a daily % out. Each week, the top 10 $PIZZA holders receive up to 10% back in rewards while we draw an additional 5 random holders to receive up to 5% back in rewards.

We’re partnering with more projects to offer bigger rewards ontop of the current strategies we are executing in-order to grow the rewards account.

Over time our $PIZZAs will become more and more scarce through our ‘burn’ initiatives. While $PIZZA is a centerpiece for engagement, we understand that this also creates inflation. Here are a few methods we will be burning $PIZZAs in the ovens:

1. Buy-Back & Burn Program – The $PIZZA Shop will be buying back $PIZZAs on the DEX and burning them, removing inflation from the economy.

2. Purchases through the $PIZZA store – A % of $PIZZA received through purchases of $PIZZA games/services etc will be burned.

3. More! We’re working on loads of ways to ensure the flavor of our $PIZZA remains the best it can be!

Curation & Delegation

Not only are we building a mining account, we’ve also been powering up Hive, VIBES, and CINETV and have started actively curating great content. This curation revenue will be divided up between the project and rewards pool for holders.

DeFun-ctionality & Services

Focused on building fun-ctionality into $PIZZA we are looking for more and more ways for you to use your tokens. Users will be able to purchase Steam game keys through hive.pizza that are redeemable through the Steam platform.

In addition to this, we are preparing the groundwork to offer server deployments for both small scale hosting (bots, websites, etc) and video game rentals via the $PIZZA token.

Tags, Commands, & Bots

The ability to quickly and easily distrbute pizzas will be very important. We already offer ease of this through usage of our amazing pizzabot, commands, and tags throughout both Discord and the Hive front-end experience.

You can buy & hold 20 PIZZA to gain access to the !PIZZA command. Use the !PIZZA command to reward great posts and great engagement across the Hive community!


NFTs and other collectibles

We love art and we have multiple cooks that are verified artists on NFT showroom. We have plans long term to release exclusive collectible cards and packs!

Games and beyond!

We already have a whole bunch of game servers up and running with an active community. We plan on integrating this into HIVE over time and offering $PIZZA rewards through our gaming servers to our players for activity and participation.

We are planning to roll out game hosting services for some titles such as Minecraft and Valheim with $PIZZA as payment.

Thinking very ambitiously and if we can find the development help, we can take PIZZA a lot of directions and create a ton of flavor for everyone. 
We have intentions on reaching out (and we’ve already started the process) to current HIVE games to see how we can work together and integrate $PIZZA.

  • Burnt Tokens – [43,376.83 / 100,000,000.00] 0.043% 0.043%




      We are building an engaging rewards token focused on ‘fun-ctionality’ and bringing additional value to HIVE and $PIZZA holders. Keeping in mind the success of the likes of LEO, we feel that we can not only build stronger engagement across the blockchain, but also create a sustainable rewards token that can also be used in real ways. We do not intend to reinvent the wheel here at HIVE, but we do intend to become a ‘household name’ known, integrated with, and coexisting across the ecosystem. We are just getting started.