Our Journey

Q1 2021


. Started Holder Rewards Program
. Built website
. Built Pizzabot
. Built curation account
Q2 2021

Store & Initial Tool Releases

. HIVE Discovery Extension for browsers
. Hive-Engine WordPress Price Plugin
. Video Game Store Release
. HIVE Community music shop release
. Services & Hosting shop release
. Staking / Legend Governance
. Game Partnerships
Q3 2021

Improved Rewards & Tools

. We will further improve our holder reward distribution methods to be more automated
. We will begin issuing rewards from mining account
. PIZZA Laboratory will be improved to allow for easier distribution of tools & to allow other developers a place to launch their HIVE-based tools
. R&D into the first $PIZZA based browser game
. Additional tools will be built to improve the website and Discord experiences

Full Integration of Legends

. We will fully begin integrating the Legends Network into the HIVE eco-system
. Utilize current sponsorships and standing to pitch $PIZZA and $PIZZA services to larger communities or social influencers.
. Integration of $PIZZA into Legends Game Servers
. Diesel Pools or Methods of Pairing
. R&D for $PIZZA DEX
. First stage of $PIZZA based game.