Our Journey







Website 2.0 Launch

We’ve been working to overhaul our website to offer an exciting first impression for new users.

Official PIZZA Guild

We’ve been working towards building and establishing PIZZA as an official Guild across the gaming industry! Stay tuned for our announcement!

Larger Video Game Selection

Our first wave of game sales went very well! We’re now in the process of adding more inventory to the PIZZA Video Game Store. Check back often for inventory updates!


We’re in the early phases of planning for our first PIZZA game on the HIVE blockchain. Stay tuned for more details soon!


We have started airdropping NFTs on our holders! We’ve also begun production of our next two collectible series! (chibs and pixel barons)

New Bee Onboarding Program

Our Guild is beginning to onboard many users. To help facilitate the new-user experience, we’ve started delegating HP to users to assist them in exploring all of the beautiful things HIVE has to offer!


Community Discord Bot
More Game Servers
Onboarding Adventure
1st Diesel Pool Vote


Services Shop Release
Pizza Laboratory Overhaul
HIVE Music Shop
2022 Community Music Album



Holder Raffles

PIZZA token has a robust rewards program. Holders are rewarded on a daily and a weekly basis through several giveaways based on a % of your holdings, allow users incredible opportunities to win additonal PIZZA. The more PIZZA you hold in your wallet, the higher your winning payouts will be!

Hive.Pizza Website

Check out our website at!

Pizzabot Engagement Engine

Our powerful Pizza Deliver Engine runs 24/7 with 99% uptime. Simply hold 20 PIZZA tokens in your wallet to deliver up to 10 slices of PIZZA a day! You can level up to rank 2 by holding 200 tokens which allows holders to invoke the !PIZZA command up to 20 times a day!

Hive.Pizza Curation Account

We’re building a powerful curation account that is active across several tribes.  Use the PIZZA tag to show us your delicious pizza pictures or the HIVEPIZZA tag for creative posts or posts about the PIZZA token so we can see your relevant post!

HIVE Comment Stream

Ever wanted to see every block occurring in real time? Check out our comment stream tool to see a stream view of Hive comments in real time!

Random Hive Tool

Want to see some new contest! Use our random HIVE tool to show a random recently-published Hive blog post!

Peakd PIZZA Badge

By holding just 20 PIZZA tokens in your wallet, you will now unlock your official PIZZA badge on Peakd! Be careful! If you drop below 20 tokens the bot will take it’s badge back!

Diesel Pools
Token Staking Tool

The PIZZA team has built a simple one-click token staking tool for HIVE-Engine.


Check it out here!

PIZZA Rewards Pool

Enjoy daily rewards by delegating your Hive Power to our curation account and farm your share of the daily PIZZA token reward pool! You share is determined by your % of delegation. The more you delegate, the more you earn! Every 10k HP the curation account receives increases the daily rewards pool by 10 tokens to be dispersed among delegations!

Have questions about this? Join our Discord to learn more!

Pizzabot Discord Bot

Our powerful Discord bot is packed full of features. From checking your Hive wallet balances (including Hive-Engine tokens) to checking farm APR, our bot has some seriously powerful and cool stuff! Want  to check it out? Join our Discord and type !help to learn more!

Brave/Chrome Extension

We understand there are dozens of resources available all throughout the HIVE ecosystem. Our browser extension aims to bring those resources into one easy to use place. Whether you’re new to HIVE or a season veteran, our extension can make your daily  HIVE web navigation as  easy as two clicks. 

Check out the extension here!

Price Widget for WordPress

We’re proud  announce that we’ve released the first Hive-Engine price feed plugin for WordPress. The plugin can be tailored to any token available on the HIVE DEX and is available for preview on the website among many others throughout the ecosystem.

Check it out here!

HIVE Transfer Stream

Our toolbox includes this transfer stream tool. Here you can view, in real-time, every transaction that occurs on the blockchain. If you love transparancy, this feed is for you!

Minecraft PizzaCraft Server

Are you a fan of Minecraft or are you looking for a fun and friendly way to learn more about the HIVE blockchain and ecosystem? We’re building a special Minecraft server that is tailored specifically to HIVE, PIZZA, and learning all of the amazing things there are to explore!

Join our Discord for information on how to connect!

Passive Staking Rewards

Earn 12% APR by staking PIZZA tokens! Rewards are paid out daily and staked automatically to your account.

Video Game Store

We’ve created a video game store where you can buy Steam PC games using your PIZZA tokens or Hive Backed Dollars! Our inventory continues to increase and is almost always sold just above our cost, resulting in some pretty awesome savings for gamers!

VFT Labs Partnership

PIZZA and Music For Life have teamed up, allowing users to deposit their PIZZA tokens into the VFT Labs VFT Pools to farm daily VFT tokens that can be sold or traded on the market!

This feature is currently discontinued

PIZZA Laboratory

We’ve created a space for developers to bring and host their tools. If you are creating cool things for HIVE and want a place to show it off, let’s talk about getting you into the lab!

HIVE is Beautiful

HIVE really is beautiful. Why shouldn’t the data be visual pleasing too? Check out our visual transaction tool where you can see every transaction on the blockchain in real time and in color!


Our HIVE RSS feed is constantly maintained and available to use for your website or project.

Pizza Greeter

We understand how the new-user journey can really make or break an experience. As such, we’ve developed our power Pizza-Greeter bot that seeks out new users who have posted quality posts and welcomes them to the community. It also alerts us to these posts so that we can manually stop by and say hello! Let’s make HIVE friendly and easy place to transition to!

PIZZA Splinterlands Guild wallet integration

We’ve officially partnered with tipcc to allow integration of PIZZA token to the tipcc Discord wallet. Share tokens outside of HIVE blockchain through games, airdrops, and other fun activities!