Hive Pizza Arcade

Welcome to the Arcade! This place is very much still under construction, so please don’t mind the mess. We’ll also be using this as sort of a laboratory as we test various gaming related things for you to enjoy and even spend your $PIZZA on while you wait for your favorite token to moon.

hive pizza arcade

NES Emulator

A blast from the past!

Enjoy some time proven classics from the NES era on the Pizza Shop emulator. These are of course free to enjoy! Just click the ‘Select Rom’ drop down and choose your game. We’ll add more here if you guys are having fun!


Button Player 1 Player 2
Left Left Num-4
Right Right Num-6
Up Up Num-8
Down Down Num-2
A A Num-7
B S Num-9
Start Enter Num-1
Select Tab Num-3